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Looking to Hire BackboneJS Developers? We can assist with Real-time, Progressive Web Services.

HireFullstackDeveloperIndia helps businesses engineer and deploy innovative web services and applications using the BackboneJS framework library. Hire BackboneJS Developers form HireFullStackDeveloperIndia.


Need accelerated BackboneJS engineering solutions? Hire BackboneJS Developers from Us.


Tailor-made solutions for various BackboneJS service DevOps requirements


Highly confidential treatment of client data


Veteran web experts with strong backgrounds in diverse BackboneJS projects


Stack selection for function-oriented development


Maintenance and optimization support to help you scale


Service packages for flexible, requirements-based, client engagement

We tackle requirements from clients that serve variegated industrial domains and offer scalable web service engineering solutions at a nominal cost.

Our BackboneJS Development Services

Our BackboneJS specialists offer a wide array of engineering services to businesses:


Custom BackboneJS PWA/SPA/MVP Development

Build Progressive-Web and Single-Page Apps and Minimum Viable Prototypes at a low budget.


Custom BackboneJS Web Services Development

We can adapt BackboneJS to develop functional frontends for PWAs and hybrid mobile apps.


Custom BackboneJS UI/UX Design

The modern design language for your BackboneJS service UIs to complement your frontend components.


Custom BackboneJS API Development

Develop custom APIs to extend new service functions, scale user support, offer 3rd party integrations.


BackboneJS Test & Maintenance Services

We test your BackboneJS code for bugs impacting service quality and performance.


BackboneJS Migration Services

Leverage everything the BackboneJS library has to offer. Our experts can help migrate your code.

Our engagement models

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia’s businesses engagement models hire dedicated developers are nothing if not flexible. You get to choose what’s convenient and cost-effective for your business.



It Includes :

Duration : Hourly Basis

Communication : Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email

Hiring Period : 25 Hours (MIN)

Project Trackers : Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmime, etc

Methodology : Agile



It Includes :

Duration : 160 Hours

Communication : Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email

Hiring Period : 1 Month

Project Trackers : Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmime, etc

Methodology : Agile



It Includes :

Team Members : 1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)

Communication : Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email

Hiring Period : 1 Month

Project Trackers : Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmime, etc

Methodology : Agile


We cater to them all

HireFullstackDeveloperIndia dispenses specialized BackboneJS Development Services to a diverse clientele. To this effect, we have had the opportunity to serve clients in the following sectors:

Why Hire BackboneJS Developers from Us?

There are differential benefits to acquiring BackboneJS services from HireFullstackDeveloperIndia:


Routine communication- Daily follow-ups and feedback


Progress tracking- Dashboards for management and productivity logging


Service expertise- Skilled experts to finetune your ideas and save overheads


Stack selection- Community recommended stack for strategic development


Service data safety- Strict NDA adherence; data encryption against misuse


Service charges- Budget-friendly service packages


Costing breakdown- Iterative analysis of your financing


Engineering methodology- Agile methodologies for CI/CD expedition.


ROi- Assured revenue returns to finance your operational scalability

Take Your Business to The Next Level by Hire BackboneJS Developers

BackboneJS powers numerous web services and software across the globe with its powerful server and client-side scripting capabilities. It follows a Model-View-Presenter approach to code structuring as opposed to the more common Model-View-Controller format.

BackboneJS’s DOM and RESTful API-driven capabilities are a boon for web services that cater real-time data to users.

This JS library boasts of a well-rounded development ecosystem with a veritable collection of plugins to extend your service features. Hence, BackboneJS finds use in the development of web-oriented services for a variety of industrial verticals and laterals.

Businesses count on these development perks granted by BackboneJS to launch innovative web services and mobile applications; even ones that integrate cross-disciplinary technology.

So, as a state-of-the-art BackboneJS development company, we help your brand pivot the BackboneJS development library to develop highly performant web apps and services with real-time updating frontend and custom REST API-powered backend.

For the best BackboneJS scripting outcomes, our developers employ the following tools:

Hire BackboneJS Developers

Miscellaneous services we provide

Businesses can reach out to us for a variety of software engineering services:

HireFullstackDeveloperIndia hiring process

We help you Hire BackboneJS Developers who are well-suited to your requirements. For this, you may:


Take an appointment

Contact us to let us know you have to Hire BackboneJS Developers on your requirement.


Relay specifics

Share detailed specifics of your requirement to our experts


Network with resources

Screen the list of developer portfolios we share; choose a package and sign agreements


Project bootcamp

Formulate teams; set-up project management trackers and POC’s.


Initiate productivity

Begin work for rapid completion and market delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a client-centric BackboneJS Development Company, we attempt to quell some of your common doubts relating the service:

BackboneJS has a small digital footprint, easy-to-learn, has extensive documentation and community support, and a number of differential features for progressive web development.

Indeed. BackboneJS uses listeners for event-driven communication. These listeners are attached to model attributes for controlling view parameters. Hence, there is less code clutter for developers to sort.

Absolutely. BackboneJS uses abstract, core JS-based scripting syntax. It’s MVP architecture, further contributes to its modular, OOP attributes, easing scalability, updates, and technological integrations.

Backbone offers RESTful API support out-of-the-box. As mentioned before it has numerous library plugins available. Extensions allow it to even work as an MVC JS-framework.

Of course. Our developers are proficient at developing custom APIs that help you integrate new service functions with resolute backend programming.

No. Our developers can assist with custom end-to-end requirements, post-deployment support, and maintenance and life-cycle service for optimizing your BackboneJS project.

Our Client Base

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia has had the benison of including the following esteemed brand names in its clientele