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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Web App in India in 2024?

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Web App in India in 2024?

Planning to develop a web app? Here’s how much it may cost if you hire web app developers from India in 2024

If your business offers a web-based service or product in 2024, then you have to consider a web app version of your service. With a web framework-based app, your users can experience seamless connectivity with your service from any platform. It helps you target users across both iOS and Android, or Windows, with the same codebase.

1. Why Hire Web App Developers from India??

Why Hire Web App Developers from India??

a. Multiple choices among dedicated web and app development services in a vast sub-continent

b. Highly competitive client-centricity and service quality

c. Language neutrality for optimum client communication

d. Flexible productivity model for client convenience

e. Competitive prices compared to other parts of the globe

The cost to build a web app in India is relatively lesser than that of Europe or the UK or the US. There is an ample supply of web app developers in India, which brings down the average development cost due to competitiveness.

However, availing quality web application developers in India is easier said than done. You always need to balance the development cost and service quality for the best ROI. Modern businesses rely on ‘Hybrid Apps’ and ‘Progressive Web Apps (PWA)’ for the best outcome.

2. What are Progressive Web Apps and Hybrid Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are those that install as an executable web shortcut with the full features of an application. It must be responsive to the user’s device platform. PWAs have features that do not necessarily need the internet to run. They try to tailor a near-native app-like performance in terms of user engagement.

PWAs enjoy just as many features as websites and mobile apps and hence demand the utmost cyber-security. They must be functional enough that the user is inclined to use them again. It is also essential for PWAs to offer the same immutable service on every device unless an updated version is released.

Hybrid apps are web apps that have a native app shell. So, it is easier for them to adorn native UI and features, even though the browser still generates views to the web app pages. Hybrid apps have web-based features but do not remain connected to the web to let the user use non-web-based features.

PWAs are more interactive than websites, while hybrid apps invoke native features for a specific platform. Hence, the cost of a web app in India goes up if you intend to develop a Hybrid app or a PWA in India, as they pack more features.

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3. How to Calculate Web App Development Cost for Different SDLC Phases?

How to Calculate Web App Development Cost for Different SDLC Phases?

4. Factors That Add to Your Web App Development Cost in 2023

4.1. No. of Features :

A web app must usually possess a number of competitive features. Web apps have web-based features, while PWAs can offer rich, offline functions. Adding these features can increase the cost of development.

4.2. Targeted Platforms:

Web apps and PWAs are cross-platform apps that run on any device that has web connectivity. But, the app needs to be responsive to certain platforms, which are called targeted platforms. Selecting the target platform can certainly influence the development cost.

4.3. Integrations:

Will the app feature integrations for authentication, location, social media content sharing, etc.? The dev cost and time go up with each integration.

4.4. UI/UX :

The complexity of the visual elements will also factor into your design time and costs. Modern app features such as responsiveness, and API-driven UI/UX with plugin integrations ramp up the cost.

4.5. Native Features:

The number of features that will invoke native functions like seamless UI integration and underlying hardware utilization (e.g., Bluetooth, GPS, etc.) can drive the cost of development.

4.6. Maintenance Plan:

A maintenance plan is required to steadily maintain the app’s technologies with contemporary trends. It helps render a service that can be debugged, optimized with QA, and scaled to support user requests without any disruption.

5. Secondary Factors Contributing to Web App Development Cost in 2023

– Programming language choices- Swift, Java, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, Golang, etc.

– The complexity and size of the project

– Development team (coders, testers, scrum manager, business analyst, project manager)

– Senior, intermediate-advanced, or junior developers- the hiring cost goes up with the experience of the development talent required.

6. Web App Development Cost in 2023 Based on App Type:

The cost to develop an application goes up with complexity. The factors that influence the average cost are multiplied by the added features, coding and logic complexity, time and skill requirement, etc.

7. Estimate Your Web App Design & Development Cost in 2023 Using These Factors:

– Web app requirements and concept

– The complex design of web app UI design

– Technologies Utilized

– Marketing and promotion

– Testing and QA

– Server maintenance, support, and troubleshooting

– Payment gateway (if required)

– GPS and localization

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