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Why Choosing React Native for Mobile App Development in 2023 is The Best for Business?

Updated on September 26, 2022

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1. Why Choose React Native for Mobile App Development?

There are of course many frameworks that allow developers to develop their cross-platform apps but what makes react native special is features like the performance, native feel, single codebase, library support, and development cost.

But you should also know one more fact that suggests that React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook which has also introduced the concept of web development into mobile app building using JavaScript. These apps don’t differ from other apps, as they are built on Java, Objective-C or Swift and use the same UI building blocks as native iOS or Android apps, hence building a mobile app with React Native is much faster and less expensive.

Some incredible React native features turn the best for mobile app development Comparing native vs react native performance the mobile applications made on Swift vs React-Native were almost identical in their user interface somehow swift found the little edge over react native. Measuring both the application’s CPU, GPU, and Memory during the tasks, the apps are also almost identical in how they perform. Native has always been leading in everything in the CPU category, whether it is the GPU category or the Memory category.

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1.1. Reduced Cost & Time

With React Native you get the option to keep the same codebase or its part between different mobile platforms. Once you write an app for iOS devices, you can compile it onto Android and vice versa and it takes 33% less time for the development rather than starting a project from scratch. We can also develop mobile and web application with reusable modules improves development time.

1.2. Animations

Animations play a very vital role in improving the User Interface of the mobile app or a web app. Today almost every app contains animated components. If you compare React Native with other frameworks React Native offers extremely smooth animations as the code converted to native views before rendering.

1.3. Code Reusability

One of the most wonderful features of react native is that it allows code once written only.  It shares the single codebase for the developers for developing apps for both ios and android. It also allows the app developers to reutilize code from web apps that are written using React or react-native-web. Hence the developed web apps can use their website front-end and convert it into mobile apps.

1.4. Improved UI/UX

React Native is all about the mobile UI. If we compare this framework with AngularJS or MeteorJS, we find that it looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. React Native utilizes third-party libraries, as it does not have a UI components library of its own. Native base, React Native Elements, React Native Material Design, and Shoutem is other similar UI libraries that are available to the user. The UI aspect is designed in React Native is more responsive, decrease load time, and provides a smoother feel.

1.5. Hot Reload

React Native enables features like hot-reload which helps to display the updated UI Content, whenever the user saves anything in react native script or code. The benefits of Hot Reloading allow developers to speed up their development time by having your app reload automatically any time your code changes. It automatically reflects the UI components so the changes are reflected in real-time.

1.6. Extreme Speed

Although, the very normal aspect suggests that hybrid apps are faster when compared to the native and mobile web applications. With hybrid mobile apps, you don’t have to reload the app data often here hot reload comes to the picture.The technology and framework used in the React Native App Development are the reason behind its speed.

1.7. Cross Platform

In this context, the component explains its own appearance in react and then it handles the further process for you. A clean abstraction layer separates these two functions. To optimize the web components, React utilizes the standard HTML tags. Also, the abstraction layer, known as the “bridge,” let’s React Native trigger the actual rendering APIs on iOS and Android.

1.8. Ease of Integration

React Native is nothing but a convenience that can help you heave a sigh of relief, and allows you to start a new mobile app from scratch. With the hybrid apps, you can optimize the device’s internal programming system via an overlay which lets the seamless synchronization with other compatible apps. This reduces the integration issues for developers. In the return, the hybrid apps work well with the device’s native applications such as camera, messaging, GPS, etc. to ensure a smooth user experience.

1.9. APIs and Third-Party Libraries

React Native has a small core library and relies heavily on third-party libraries to fill in major aspects of functionality. There are thousands of open source libraries available to choose from. It can easily hook to native modules and there are many third-party libraries available, in-fact NPM is the richest package manager of all languages.

1.10. App-Store Approval

You can host the bundle on your own server and do over-the-air updates. You don’t require to proceed further with the app store approval process.

1.11. Community Support

React Native had released as open source on GitHub in 2015 and it is considered one of the most popular frameworks on Stack Overflow backed by a huge community with 68k stars on GitHub, 14.5k user subreddit, ~9000 user Discord chat and strong support on Stack Overflow that’s why it has more third-party libraries/plugins than any other frameworks.

React Native is the most popular framework in the world right now. It has all the features like native feel, performance, speed, hot reload, third-party library API support, and large community, and backed by Facebook summing up this makes react native is best for mobile app development. Many fortune 500 companies adopted react for their business needs. Being a renowned framework for UI development, it’s highly recommended to developers for easy development, better execution, and other UX.

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia utilizes this very technology in the development of successful app solutions, which help the brands to grow hugely popular.  To know more about what else React Native has got to offer, unleash the facts further with HireFullStackDeveloperIndia…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire Mobile app developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

Yes, the existing app can be migrated to React Native, provided it does not involve heavy coding in the backend.

The simple answer is, when you want to build an app for Android and iOS in Native, a similar app has to be built twice from scratch. On the other hand, if you are deploying React Native, then the same code can be reused for both Android and iOS, impacting the time and cost of development.

The cost of a React Native app is relatively lesser compared to any other framework. However, to give the exact cost, the type of features and other technical elements to be integrated into the app must be assessed beforehand. You can Hire React Native Developers from HireFullStackDeveloperIndia and experience the difference.

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