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What is Web Application Development? Why do you need to hire a Full Stack Developer to build a web app?

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Most of the useful websites on the internet today are actually web applications!


A web application is an interactive app platform built using web development technologies, enabling users to access it from their browsers. 

What is Web Application Development?

The process of participating in the creation of any website or application that uses the internet to stay updated and can function online is termed as “Web Application Development”. Web applications may be webmail, active site, retail sales providing a website, messaging services, image sharing services, or any other feature-loaded website or application. It would be a better idea to get in touch with a web app development company to get quotes and suggestions on how to turn your idea into digital reality.

Types of Web Applications:

·  Static Web Applications: These are more like a collection of static web pages that display the same information to every visitor and are built using HTML and CSS and offer no interactivity.

·  Dynamic web applications: These apps are interactive in nature, involving server-side and client-side programming.

·  E-commerce apps: As the name suggests, these apps are perfect for selling or buying anything online. 

·  CMS Web App: These apps allow non-technical users to create and update content online quickly. 

·  Single-Page Apps: These apps are different from a traditional multi-page application and enable the new pages to load only when the link is clicked.

·  Progressive Web Apps: These apps are more like a live, ready-to-access website, which can be saved on the home screen, without downloading, and can be accessed anytime in just one click.

Back-End- Here, there is a broader range of technologies as back-end development comprises server-side programming, databases, web servers, and APIs. 

·   Programming Languages- Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP
·   Databases
·   Servers- Apache, Nginx, and Internet Information Services (IIS).
·   APIs

Front end: 

·  JavaScript
·  CSS

Why do you need to hire Full Stack Web Developer to build a web app?

Today’s market is ever-changing, new trends rise and fall in mere days’ time and people/businesses have lost to the technology if they don’t keep on upgrading and enhancing as per the ongoing and upcoming trends of the market. It would be convenient to have a developer who is totally dedicated and all-time available at your service to quickly grasp the change and implement it onto your web application.

The best option to avail this efficiency is to hire Full Stack Web Developer that can code and enhance front-end as well as back-end equally. With a dedicated full-stack developer at your service, it is for sure that you will never lose to the market trend changes.

If you decide to go ahead and hire a full-stack developer then what would be better than hiring him from the best Web App Development Company? HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is among the few web app development companies offering the option to hire full-stack developers worldwide without any limitation or bondage.

Why should you hire the HireFullStackDeveloperIndia team?

We aim to provide you with flexible working engagements, SLA-driven development processes, complete IP protection with cost-saving, and much more. You can hire our team of developers for flexible, full-time, time and material models to suit your needs.

Our team of developers has helped companies of all sizes and industries, from established brands to budding start-ups. When you hire a full stack developer from HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, you get a 100% well-defined and transparent process, fine-tuned to give you the best outcome.

Our team is full of highly skilled web app developers accompanied by a testing professional for a quality audit, a project manager for streamlined execution, and a variety of in-house experts to provide guidance. 

·  Variety of options to choose from a wide array of full-stack developers

·  Option to interview and select a single or team of full-stack developers

·  Dedicated and passionate full-stack developer

·  The full-stack developer that can deal with uncertainty

·  Unmatched commitment to your project

·  Our full-stack developers never hesitate to utilize the latest tech to its full extent

·  Your hired full-stack developer will be available anytime, 24/7 at your preferred medium of communication

·  Flexible development by our experienced front-end developers

·  Excellent satisfaction rate and ratio

·  Bug-free product development

·  On-time product delivery and deployment

·  Reasonable hourly, part-time or full-time rates


When you decide to hire a Web App Development Company, it gives you a platform to interactively engage with your audience. At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, we offer you numerous advantages, where our expert team empowers you to build an efficient web app presence to grow your business out of bounds.

Contact the HireFullStackDeveloperIndia team today and sail ahead to a successful path with us.

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