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What is progressive web app development

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Most web apps require internet service by users who have installed the app from the app store. But most of the world does not have high-speed internet required for many apps, which is when progressive web application development comes into the picture. A progressive web application lets a user access your web app content even without internet. Progressive Web App is considered to be the future of web application and can replace the native apps & user experience problem but before diving into that pool let us understand the progressive web app first.

What Is Progressive Web App?
In simple terms, the progressive web app is a practice which lets a web application set as a native web app in mobile phones or desktops. The ”Add to Home-screen” button, and & ”save offline” button you see while surfing on a website, is the feature known as a progressive web application. This technology is not new, but it is one of the less popular yet best practice to increase your business’s web application presence among mobile users.

Problems With Native Web App:

  • Internet Speed: More than 60% of the population around the world is still using 2G speed internet, which is why downloads for many apps are avoided by mass.
  • Heavy Website Load: If your website has heavy regarding designs and coding, it takes on an average 3 seconds to close your site by users.
  • High Friction: Due to the easy availability of so many apps, people do not want to install apps more than necessary from app stores.
  • Engagement: Users spend most of their time on basic native apps they have installed. Otherwise, they use a search engine to search for other needs which are regular.

Why Progressive Web App?
Due to problems mentioned above with native web apps, progressive web app development can offer the following benefits for a business wishes to increase users through website or web application:

  • Faster: PWA is faster from the first interaction with web app till the actions are taken on consistent bases. Even without a network, the PWA can be kick-started.
  • Integrated UX: Similar to Native Apps, PWAs can be placed on the home screen, can send notifications to users’ devices, have basic access to the device’s functionalities. The experience is seamless like native apps but with less space of storage.
  • Experience: Even when the network fails, the PWA can perform on devices without many efforts.
  • Engagements: Even without a network, PWA can send notifications which increases the engagement with the users and can keep users notified about product or services.

Over the benefits offered by progressive web app development, native apps can surely be replaced, but it is a long way to go. But if as a startup or a small business owner you would like this advantageous technology for your website or web application, you can contact one of our customer service representative at HireFullStackDeveloperIndia

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