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9 UI/UX Essentials to Help You Find the Best Website Design Companies in England

Anna MartinezAdmin
Updated on April 15, 2023

The increasing dependence on web and mobile application systems has driven up the demand for UI/UX design services across the globe. In the US, UX designers rank among the ‘50 Best Jobs for 2022’. This paves the way for web design companies in Manchester to generate handsome revenue from a market that seeks capable software design services. With freelancers, in-house applicants, and dedicated UI/UX designers densely populating the market, businesses face a surefire dilemma in distinguishing the quality service providers from the rest.

So, how will you choose the best website design company in the UK? It all comes down to whether the UI/UX designer that you hire has the technical skills and certifications required to back the same. As such, the following skills are must-have UI/UX skills that your designer should possess.

UI/UX Skills to Look For While Hiring A Designer

1. Prototyping Skills

Prototyping skills are a must in a UI/UX designer, as the higher the fidelity of your UI/UX design skills, the better your software wireframing, user flow simplification, and mockup accuracy. Wireframing comes in handy when you have to define the layout of your software product and its page elements.

The final prototype consists of this layout ‘mockup’. It sets the data flow directive for the users targeted by the application. The more realistic and precise the DFDs and the prototype, the easier it is for the web design agencies in London to develop the final iteration of the front end.

2. UI/UX Design Tools

Positing the UI prototype also helps designers ascertain the other side of your design- the User Experience. For this entire process, designers need to be savvy with UX design software such as Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

These tools are essential for implementing typography, color scheme, logo, iconography, and the visual flow of the UI. Besides learning to use these tools, UI/UX website design companies in London, UK must also possess certified knowledge in general design theory and modern software design languages.

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3. Agile Design & Frontend Coding

Agile is a software engineering practice that has been perfected to better orchestrate project management. The Agile methodology helps developers, designers, and testers rapidly complete software modules to deliver projects on time. Agile UI/UX design is essential for the organizational hygiene of your prototype’s information architecture.

Most software projects start small and then evolve into large-scale codebases over time. Adopting Agile UI/UX design practices ensures proper version control, codebase maintenance, SRS documentation control, and a roadmap for future optimization and additions.

4. Remote Collaboration

Modern software design and development projects are spearheaded through decentralized, Cloud-based collaboration platforms. The best website design companies in the UK count on the remote accessibility of projects; business organizations can thus permit designers and developers to deliver productivity from wherever possible.

In a UI/UX design context, this helps businesses such as yours assemble a dedicated team from any part of the world and not just England. Remote collaboration allows the designers to be more fluid with their continuous delivery, and projects meet deadlines even faster.

5. Project Management & Communication:

Project management is a coveted skill for both organizations and top-notch website design companies in the UK. It prevents a haphazard orchestration of deliverables; it allows any project member to follow through instructions without ambiguity; it allows stakeholders to maintain appraisal of the project progress; and, a lack of such delays helps with the accelerated completion of UI/UX design and development assignments.

Communication can be considered to be an extension of the UI/UX designer resources’ collaborative capabilities. Business project-oriented communication skills do not usually require definite certification; however, as the resource begins to handle complex, large-scale projects with time, it helps them to possess certified, end-to-end knowledge of several project management SaaS/PaaS tools.

6. Awareness of UI/UX Trends

It needs to be stressed that perhaps the most important responsibility for any UI/UX designer- be it a freelancer, an in-house designer, or a dedicated one- to follow, is an awareness of UI/UX trends. According to website design companies in the UK, like everything else, UI/UX successes depend on the bandwagon user trends.

For instance, right now, UI/UX designers are capitalizing on favoritism toward supersized typography, retro-aesthetic interspersed UI/UX, Localized UX for user personalization, neo-brutalist aesthetic elements, etc. Over time, these trends shall be replaced by new ones; how fast the UI/UX designer adapts to those substitutions also indicates their capability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire web designers and engage our web designing services:

Gradient colours are an older colour scheme followed by web designers. It was popularized in the 2000s. Web gradients use dual-color transition schemes for an aesthetic appeal. However, care must be taken to ensure that the colors are not chosen at random. At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, we use color wheels to choose the gradient colors and the appropriate color of the typography that is compatible with this scheme.

Behavioral design in UI/UX is a branch of design science that combines user behavior and psychology research for a streamlined creative effort. The experimentation requires the tracking of user behavior through past iterations of the software, and its competitor products in the market. This helps your app improve in KPI aspects by increasing app usage time, feature engagement, user retention, etc.

At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, our certified designers regularly update their design trends to match steps with market demands. In 2022, we have updated our repertoire with the Memphis design style, an 80s pop-styled design scheme, visible UI design that clearly distinguishes UI elements for user interpretation, along with moving type and oversize type on hero images.

Neuomorphic UI/UX is a modern 3D software design style that mimics real life for design elements. E.g. a calculator with neuomorphic design would resemble a real-life calculator, and an MP3 player application with neuomorphic design would resemble a tape player. It shortens the learning curve between the user and the software, and creates a sense of recognition.

Yes, our web designers can create highly eye-catching visuals for website hero sections, and neumorphic logos that combine typography with visual elements in a compatible color schema, in a way that mimics 3D-life. This creates an eye-catching impression on the user and increases traffic (bounce rate) to your web products.

Glassmorphic design is an offshoot of neumorphism, in that it creates an omnipresent ‘glass-y’ effect on UI/UX. Glassmorphic UI combines blurs and frosted interface designs with translucent settings for a one-way mirroring effect. The combination of these visual styles with elements like padded menus, windows, and card-like message boxes is a futuristic UI/UX design style we practice at HireFullStackDeveloperIndia.

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