The Detailed RoadMap of Full Stack Web Development

Of course, the Web Application Development is a huge platform which is ever-growing and ever-expanding and the credit ball goes to the higher technology stack up which is changing and improving every passing hour.

Every experienced web developer, also cannot solely depend on the available skills but need to learn and upgrade, in order to be called as an efficient full-stack web developer.

To be a Full Stack web developer requires a huge deal of technologies and frameworks information. But you should not get panic about this, rather by reading this post you can analyze the ways to improve and enhance your existing skills.

First, you should know that the foundation of a successful web development career starts with HTML & CSS. HTML is necessary for every website, as it helps in defining and structuring the website content into a simple markup syntax. Also with CSS, is used for adding styling to the website.


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The Requirement of Programming Languages:

  • JavaScript- it is a mandatory building block, which helps in adding the dynamic features to the website. The frontend frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js and the back-end Node.js, require the JavaScript.
  • TypeScript- Typescript goes hand-in-hand with Angular and is an addition to JavaScript and hence it is always used together with JavaScript to enhance the functionalities.
  • Python- It is leading programming languages in the Full Stack Web Development. It helps in implementing the command line scripts, GUI application, and web applications.

The requirement of Front-end Frameworks:

  • Angular- it is a framework,specifically used for building client applications in HTML and JavaScript / TypeScript. It combines the declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated best practices to resolve development challenges.
  • React- It is a JavaScript library and is used for building user interfaces. With its integration, it becomes a seamless process to create interactive UIs. Further React also helps the code to be more predictable and easier to debug.
  • Vue.js- It is very easier to be learned and a perfect fit for the smaller-sized projects.

The requirement of Back-end Frameworks

  • Node.js- Node.js allows the execution of JavaScript code seamlessly at the back-end and turns robust, while used with the Express middleware.
  • Django- It is completely written in Python and holds the same elegance as Python. It is a very powerful framework and is very much easier to learn.
  • Git- Git is the most widely used version control system for any kind of source code.
  • Machine Learning- If you are really willing to carve a niche for yourself in the development field, then you must be well-versed with the trending technologies like Machine Learning. With frameworks like Tensorflow.js Machine Learning is now entering the field of web development as well.

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