Modernize your Web Apps with MEAN Stack Development Services

The MEAN Stack is a java script based technology platform, which is comprehensively used to create dynamic web applications. MEAN comprises four software components such as MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS, and Node.JS. All these components are used in both front-end & back-end. As it is based on the JavaScript, it provides ease of work flexibility in development.

Having experienced & skilled expertise in web & app development services we provide top-quality development solutions. All the solutions provided by us are fulfilling the business requirements in the defined timeline. We always strive to provide better & precise development solutions so that we can help you in achieving your business goals.

When you look around then only one aspect which stays with you is to bring your business on the wider scale, and to make this happen the inclusion of technoloy is the necessity, which cannot be ignored at any given cost. 

In this context MEAN Stack development has got the popularity as it brings the ease of development and flexibility. Also for those, who don’t know about MEAN Stack development, then you need to be sure of that it is a combination of MongoDB, Express Js, Angular Js and Node Js. 

How MEAN stack helps?

  • Modernizes Web Apps with MEAN Stack Development Services and further streamlines business with MEAN stack development.
  • Node.js allows use of JavaScript on the backend as well as the frontend which can save from having to learn a separate language.
  • Node JS and MongoDB stack in MEAN stack for handling security issues when there is large amount of traffic.
  • It practices NoSQL to quickly change and alter the data layer without having to worry about migrations.
  • MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications.
  • Managing MongoDB deployments with Cloud solutions saves you time, money, and guesswork in running the database.
  • Node.js package manager, Npm, makes it even easier to share code, and the public repositories targeting Node.js are growing quickly.
  • Node.js is often flat-out faster. Node.js event-driven architecture is quicker. It offers better Performance.
  • MEAN-based apps brings the efficiency of writing code for Node and then can move it over AngularJS, with ease. This flexibility makes programming MEAN-based apps significantly easier.
  • AngularJS is used in MEAN Stack development with the goal of making single page web applications easier to build, test, and maintain.

How to Build Interactive & Amazing Web Applications with MEAN Stack Technology?

MongoDB- An experienced and talented team of MongoDB Developers. A Proactive approach to deliver an extensive range of services through Designing, Strategy, Consulting, & Implementation.

Express JS- It provides an easy & simple interface to creating dynamic web applications. It lets developers to deliver simple to complicated projects in the given timeline.

AngularJS- With AngularJS, developers can provide significant web & app development in AngularJS.

Node.JS- It is an open source web development framework, which is used to create scalable web applications with rich java scripts. 

Advantages of MEAN Stack

  • Owing to huge variety of components; MEAN Stack works on JavaScript it becomes the more productive as JavaScript is the most accepted programming language around the world.
  • MEAN Stack uses a single language platform, unlike other stacks.
  • The process of MEAN Stack is quicker as compared to other client-server apps specifically Angular.js.
  • MEAN Stack is supported by several communities and industries. MongoDB is the database provider of NoSQL, AngularJS is supported by Google and AWS & Azure support Node.js.
  • MEAN Stack caters to big players like Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, and PayPal who are using it for their business.

The Architecture of the MEAN Application

For the successful MEAN technology, considering the architecture of the app is vital as we have to transfer data from the database to the browser allowing users to interact with data and letting them send it back to a database. The most important point is building the API to interact with data. Here we have to focus on the specific requirements of the app and how MEAN Stack can be used to build the best solution. The best possible applications are

  • Node.js & Express
  • Node.js & Express app with Angular add-ons
  • Angular SPA

Express applications for API seem the logical solution for large projects. For a large amount of traffic, there should be different servers for the main application and the API. Another way is to have one single Express project to keep things simple, to help you manage only one set of code.

To conclude Mean stack is a revolution in web development as it contains some great features and the latest approach to web development. It is valued due to its versatile capability of building robust web applications and this is one reason why it is very popular with new startups and employers.

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