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Frameworks Used by Bespoke Mobile Application Development Service in Spain

Anna MartinezAdmin
Updated on September 21, 2022

Mobile usage is at an all-time high across the globe. Smartphones as well as tablets have found widespread acceptance by users beyond their erstwhile demographic, in the last few years. 88% of the mobile time spent by these users happens to be on mobile applications. Mobile applications are the intermediary between us and groceries, entertainment, medical assistance, finances, education, et al. Hence, local businesses are looking up to the mobile application development service in Spain as they need cutting-edge software engineering services for their digital products. 

1. 7 Frameworks Used by Trusted Mobile App Development Services Provider

The best way to generate revenue in the smartphone age is through digital store extensions of your business product or service. To develop and deploy your digital product on application stores, you need assistance from mobile app developers. 

Bespoke mobile application development service in Spain is in turn dependent on software engineering frameworks to develop your business apps. What are mobile application development frameworks, you ask? A framework is a collection of software development libraries, protocols, and plugins that can be programmed to create standalone software capable of interfacing with users based on bespoke business logic. 

Some frameworks specifically cater to native app development for either Android or iOS; as well as, cross-platform mobile/web development frameworks that allow mobile app developers in Spain to execute services on either platform using the same codebase. 

1.1. React Native

React Native touts itself as a versatile, low-code framework that lets you create any kind of real-time app from scratch. It is considered by the crux of the global development community as the ‘best-in-class’ Java library. React Native promotes cross-platform code/component reusability so it costs you less to launch applications on both iOS and Android. 

1.2. Flutter

In stiff competition with React Native, Flutter also caters to not just mobile, but embedded systems, web, and desktop app development with reusable code components. Flutter’s rapid ARM/machine code compilation capabilities pave the way for superlative app performance on a wide array of platforms. 

1.3. jQuery

jQuery is more of a JavaScript library than an actual framework. jQuery learning is a foundation in the development community for its event-driven programming capabilities. jQuery’s DOM traversal and manipulation play well with CSS and Ajax scripting. Thus, jQuery incorporation is essential for web-based mobile application development.

1.4. Kotlin

Kotlin has quickly become the de-facto language for Android development, outshining even the almighty Java. However, it is usable to develop iOS applications, even using the same components from the Android app codebase. Kotlin’s Android and iOS Cocoapods integration support and debugging capabilities make it the all-around favourite of both devs and testers.

1.5. Xamarin

Xamarin is the framework that the top mobile app development companies in Barcelona, Spain use when they need to develop apps for emerging platforms like smart watches, smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets. The same code components can be used to develop cross-platform applications for Windows and Mac desktops too.

1.6. Ionic

Ionic is another framework that has risen the popularity ranks lately for catering to web, mobile, and desktop using the same codebase. It is based in the trusted AngularJS framework which has matured over the years to spawn numerous plugins and ready-made libraries.

1.7. Cordova

Cordova is an open-source framework like all of the above lets you create a custom mobile application development service in Spain that lets you code in HTML, CSS, and Java with one codebase. It can be leveraged even to develop offline applications thanks to its code reusability. 

2. Wrap up

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HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is a resolute family of interdisciplinary software engineering professionals. We help businesses from a diverse cross-section of industrial domains. We custom design beautiful websites, services, and apps for desktop, mobile, and emerging platforms with modern SDLC frameworks.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire Mobile app developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

React Native boasts of a UI thread, or the main front-end layer that comprises the UI/UX layer. Then comes the shadow thread or the React library thread that operates in the background. Finally, we have the JavaScript thread that is responsible for the compilation of all the scripts.

Ionic is a good alternative for an open-source framework that can easily help your business with the quick development of Minimum Viable Prototypes (MVP). It can help you connect your app to native APIs, which helps you both invoke the UI appearance for a streamlined app engagement, as well as utilize device hardware like camera, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

No, you may also use Flutter. The framework helps you customize any portion of the frontend as per your requirement, while also allowing you to invoke native UI functions. The supine Flutter rendering engine allows you to render shared transitions, transformations, shadow manipulations, and other UI elements which can seamlessly launch on any platform.

Yes. Xamarin will allow us to code applications in C# using hundreds of in-built and third-party libraries to extend app features and functions. Xamarin fully supports interoperability with Microsoft’s .NET framework. Xamarin’s code reusability further allows one to update its shared codebase, allowing users on every platform to experience the same changes in real time.

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia’s mobile application development portfolio comprises successful projects for industry leaders and unicorn startups alike. We help brands find a voice that resonates with their customers and users and cut out the market noise from competitors with the best design practices followed across the globe. For custom UI/UX job orders, you can hire our dedicated offshore mobile app dev team. Contact us for a free consultation

Indeed. Cordova allows us to develop applications with JavaScript. HTML5, and CSS, such that the mobile app pages run like browser pages, with SEO-enhanced nomenclature, native feature accessibility, cross-platform support, and extensive plugins to accelerate complex app architectures. Contact HireFullStackDeveloperIndia for a free consultation on the same.

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