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Best Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile App Development in the Netherlands

Updated on August 6, 2022

Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile (KMM) development is quickly rising as a trend among businesses that are looking to convert users quickly across both iOS and Android platforms. Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that allows developers to run the same app codebase- while invoking native features, nonetheless- on both mobile platforms. Enterprises are hiring service providers for Kotlin mobile app development in the Netherlands because the cross-platform framework allows them to maintain the same brand identity in front of both iOS and Android users. 

1. Benefits of KMM at a glance

Kotlin is considered the de-facto Android development language and now supports iOS development too.

It is based on the Java Virtual Machine, and hence apps are interoperable with JavaScript. 

Allows developers to launch apps on both iOS and Android using the same server-side logic. 

Lower deployment costs, as you can hire mobile app developers in the Netherlands to maintain one server-side codebase that caters to both mobile platforms. 

KMM allows you to maintain the same brand identity- iconography, color schematics, UI flow, etc.- while offering a native UX to users on both iOS and Android- two of the leading mobile platforms in this day and age. 

2. Why Do Developers Love Kotlin?

Kotlin’s syntax is extremely readable. Given its foundation in Java, the Kotlin lexicon is easy even for beginner developers to interpret; this cuts down on development and debugging time, and therefore, developer-cost-per-hour.

Mobile app developers in the Netherlands love Kotlin because it allows OOP-based functional programming. They can easily break down an application into component modules and simultaneously work on them to save time, and therefore, again your cost 

Kotlin’s LLVM compiler helps reduce code complexity for event-based programs. It allows you to develop Kotlin code as standalone binaries for various OS architectures. 

Kotlin’s compile-time, ‘fail-fast’ error detection is also greatly responsible for cutting down runtime errors, further aiding both development and testing time. Kotlin’s null references help to cut down on more compile-time errors with ‘checked exceptions. 

KMM helps developers build mobile apps by avoiding erroneous coding practices. Its special ‘Throwable’ library class helps coders create custom exceptions for event-driven programming. Kotlin reduces runtime errors with ‘unchecked exceptions’ listed under the aforementioned null-time references. 

Kotlin uses a ‘Concurrent Mark-Sweep (CMS) Algorithm’ that can help with better garbage collection in mobile apps; this is a step-up from iOS de-facto language, Swift’s Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). Hence, you can hire a Kotlin mobile app development company in Amsterdam, Netherlands to launch iOS mobile programs with better memory management than Swift-written native Apple programs.

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3. Why Hire The Best Kotlin App Developers in The Netherlands?

Kotlin code is highly reusable. It interoperates with multiple mobile app dev languages and is less syntax-verbose than the erstwhile Android-coding language, the almighty Java. Plus, the Android KTX contains every package imaginable for mobile app API extensions. 

Kotlin’s way of declaring null references safely allows the compiler to only work with immutable variables, classes, collections, etc. This gives your cross-platform mobile applications better security.

Kotlin has co-routines that facilitate the development of highly-scalable, server-side mobile applications. Hence, your apps and its APIs can rapidly handle high volumes of user requests, offering a stable service across both iOS and Android.

Kotlin’s acceptance by Google and the global development community has led to the development of newer programming libraries in Kotlin itself. Thus, when your business hires mobile app developers they can leverage the language’s interoperability; plus, your business can easily migrate outdated applications to a newer framework and support users across emerging mobile devices. 

As a web frontend framework, Kotlin allows businesses to create full-stack applications that integrate web-oriented technologies like the Cloud, IoT, etc. for on-demand applications, eCommerce services, OTT platforms, eLearning platforms, public digital infra, etc. All of this using the same shared frontend codebase that reduces the volume of business logic your developers need to define. 

4. Why HFDI instead of top App Developers in the Netherlands?

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia outsources dedicated, cross-platform mobile app developers to an international clientele, via flexible engagement models. Our sizable team of certified junior, intermediate, and senior Kotlin developers can help your business adopt the language for diverse use cases. 

Kotlin’s shared code allows us to utilize multi-platform libraries for platform-specific AND platform-agnostic app dependencies, APIs, etc. We have a proven track record for using Kotlin to develop web-based, multi-platform mobile applications. Our deep-seated knowledge of the language and its framework tooling allows us to reduce manual programming efforts so you can deploy your apps and convert users faster across both iOS and Android. 

5. Wrap up

It is no secret that app developers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe are quite high compared to that in Asia. As a competitive, India-based service that caters to a global clientele, we can assist you with your requirements as per your productivity timings, and follow-up through decentralized project management PaaS/SaaS. Contact us, for a free consultation. 

  • Hourly
    $ 20
    It Includes:
    Hourly Basis
    Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
    Project Trackers
    Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmi
  • Monthly
    It Includes:
    160 Hours
    Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
    Project Trackers
    Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmi
  • Team
    It Includes:
    Team Members
    1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)
    Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
    Project Trackers
    Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmi
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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire Mobile app developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

Dedicated mobile app development services have an exceptional understanding of Agile and rapid SDLC methodologies. They can streamline your project for optimum delivery within a budget. They can address short and long-term challenges; they can furnish result-oriented solutions for customer-facing problems, market-trending features, etc.

A dedicated provider can assist with end-to-end Kotlin app life-cycle management. Native and cross-platform app solutions for the Android platform require UI/UX wireframing, DFD optimization and prototyping, QA RPA and testing, embedded Android systems, & AOSP customizations.

Indeed. Dedicated Kotlin app developers can remotely assist FinTech brands, realty brands, mHealth caregivers, retail & eCommerce/mCommerce services, eLearning services, OTT platforms, travel & hospitality brands, insurance service providers, et al

The quality of a Kotlin app developer is further ascertained by how early in the discovery phase they can identify which technologies can augment the application further down the line. AI helps integrate NLP and deep learning with the Internet of Things, Blockchain technology, Cloud computing, big data processing, and more.

There are multiple grounds on which you can ascertain the viability of your application. - User persona study for market demographic - Technological grounds that dictate the engineering budget - Development costs that dictate security and maintenance budget - Cross-integration with third-party services for optimized UX

An investment-worthy Kotlin mobile app development service-- They should share your understanding of the project requirement, goals, etc. - They should offer advisory and applied software engineering services that are functional - They should be able to envision iterative improvements that augment your application architecture with cost-effective, emerging technologies. - They should be able to assess risks to the SDLC and maintenance cycle with budgetary mapping, strategic product development, and road-mapping

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