How Much Does it Cost to Make an Android Application in 2021?

Android platform has the largest coverage when it comes to potential customers. Till 2020, Android phones were used by a huge total of 1.244 billion people all across the globe which is pretty big compared to iOS users that cover merely 211.8 users. 2021 will bring more to an Android user’s count because of the flexibility they provide with their new updates. At this point, it will be a wise decision to go for Android Mobile Application Development to support your business needs.

A Full Stack Developer is someone who is familiar and comfortable in working with both front end and back end aspects of development. Usually, they tend to know more than one back end language and have prior experience in working with them. They specialize in developing front and back end and the technique to seamlessly connect both ends.

The Total Cost to Hire an Android Application Development team can differ, as it will basically mean you hire only Android developers and not any back-end developer to support the Android development. On the contrary, you might end up paying a bit more to a full-stack android mobile application development person. There’s a better point to this, a full stack developer can not only handle the part of Android development that is considered as a frontend but can also work it out on backend API and structure level. So, you get two guys in the same person.

The cost to Hire Full Stack Developer depends on various factors, and in the case of android mobile application development, it is moreover the development framework being used. A framework is a base structure that provides a flat base over the application to build. Every framework is different in its own way. The ionic, native script, phone gap are few such examples of different frameworks available.

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