How Much Does Hiring A Full Stack Developer for Android Application Development Cost?

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Updated on September 19, 2022

Android app development has always been at the top of the app development market. By 2023, the Android OS market share will reach 87.4%- as per Statista.

It would not be wrong to say that it will become easier for businesses to reach more users and grow out of bounds with an android app.

To proceed with this journey, one of the biggest challenges is hiring an efficient Android app development company. With the right app development firm, you get the opportunity to build a successful app that will stand out from the crowd and generate high revenue for your business.

You should know that an ultra-capable team of full-stack developers can help manage all phases of your Android app development process. Also, they have the required expertise to build a user-engaging, lead-converting app solution for your business.

Are you wondering where to hire a full-stack developer for android application development, and how much would they cost?

Worry not?

In this read, we have gathered all the required information to help you build a scalable Android app solution for your business with a team of highly energetic full-stack developers. 

1. Choose Tech Stack for Android app

For any app development process, integrating a full-fledged mobile technology stack is an important aspect. And for android app development, this is no exception. You must carefully consider the tech stack to be involved with your Android app development process and must know what the features are, what extra features will be added in the near future, etc. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the type of app, whether a native app or a cross-platform app solution. 

The complexity of the Android app would largely decide the cost and time to be involved in the development process. So, you need to discuss it ahead with your chosen development firm. The complete tech stack required for Android app development is the right combination of tools and requirements that allows the development of a top-notch mobile application for Android users.

2. Points to Consider Before Hiring Full Stack Developers

There are many essential skills that need to be looked into while looking for Android developers, as the development process requires specific skills, experience, and knowledge. But much before hiring the resources for your next app project, there are certain aspects you need to consider to solve your business needs.

Consider business requirements and end-user expectations.

Much before the development process begins, you need to consider the app type and how this particular app type would meet your business goals and customers’ expectations. Once you assess the requirements, the next step would be easier for you to narrow down the other technical information of the app.

Decide app objective and monetization model.

Every app has to be in synergy with your business expansion plan, and you cannot mist the monetization model. To support your business, you must understand how a particular app can be monetized and impact its functionality.

Determine the right app development company

You must sift through different valuable options in the market and then make your decision to select the best app development company to address your app development requirement efficiently.

App security and integration

Now decide upon what third-party integration you may need and how they should not compromise the security at any cost. Also, you must pay attention to the existing website or back-end system to be integrated with the app so that it may influence the choice of the tech stack.

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3. Why to Choose HFDI?

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is not just a company but your trusted partner with a team full of experienced coders, designers, testers, and non-technical resources to fuel your project with the expertise and understanding of all the layers of the project development process. We have a full-stack developer team with all kinds of application development with end-to-end development processes, including front-end, back-end, APIs, databases, MVC, and more.

When you hire full-stack developers with us, you get a complete package for the development of your business solution. We ensure to provide you complete assistance right from ideation, to deployment and app maintenance.

Our focus remains to help you build a robust app solution that is fully equipped with the latest features and matches your business goals. 

4. Conclusion

This blog must have given you insights into building your very first Android app with the help of a full-stack developer and how HireFullStackDeveloper can be a helping hand for it. 

At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, our main aim is to integrate the latest technologies with your ideas to build a top-notch Android app solution. We have helped more prominent brands and renowned enterprises to get a strong foothold in their respective industries with an app solution. The next can be yours.

Are you ready to expand your business with a scalable Android app solution?

Call us and get a quote now! 

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Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire full stack developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

Apart from the front-end and back-end technologies, some of the major skills our full-stack developers possess are: · HTML/CSS · Git & GitHub · HTTP & REST · JavaScript · Web architecture · Database · Back-end languages & frameworks · Development languages · API calls · Testing · Version control · Design basics

Of course! At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, we give you complete control over the hired resources. You can monitor, stay connected, discuss project progress, give suggestions, and share reviews to bring the best out of the project.

The quality of the app is something we don’t take for granted under any given situation. At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, we have a pool of talented, experienced, and expert full-stack developers. Once you hire a team of full-stack developers with us, the hired resource would work and act as a part of your team. We leave no stone unturned to match your expectations and project requirements. And here the varied experience of our team comes handy to make every single feature of the app impeccable and seamless.

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