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How to Hire A JavaScript Developer in 2023?

Today, the tech market is ever buzzing due to relentless demand coming from all corners of the working mechanism around us. The pandemic period has initiated a highly competitive aura around every business, encouraging them to hire a JavaScript developer as a must-have to thrive.

On the other hand, the existing tech talent market has grown highly competitive, making it challenging to hire a Connectivity solution, which is dabbed with a comprehensive set of JS skills.

With this post, you can glean insights about hiring an impeccable team of JS developers.

How to Hire JavaScript Developers in 2023

1. What Should You Know?

The formal introduction of a JavaScript developer starts with a definition explaining it to be a software programmer who codes for front-end website and server-side for an application. The absence of JS code would only lead to displaying static content. A JS developer extends the skills to a website’s front end to provide web pages a dynamic functionality.

2. Technical Knowledge

The skillset of a JS developer is not limited to testing and debugging the code, but it also extends to problem-solving skills and creativity. Below are core JavaScript programming language skills.

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2.1. Programming Languages

It is highly significant for a JS developer to understand frameworks such as Node.js, libraries like jQuery, browser APIs, and npm packages.

Specifically, a JS developer would have hands-on knowledge of return statements, error handling, array manipulation, and string manipulation. Additionally, they must know the new trends added to the core language introduced in JavaScript ES6 and drive their working with a class and all about promises, modules, and generators.

2.2. Web Design Basics

A web page consists of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; hence a JavaScript developer must be well-versed with how to work on HTML, CSS code, and DOM-Document Object Model. Here, having basic design knowledge would be beneficial, that helps to streamline the design from the perspective of technology as well.

2.3. JavaScript Frameworks

Any commercial project gets built using a framework that encourages faster development with pre-written and pre-tested code for common functions. Some of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks are Angular, React, and Vue.js. And the list of popular back-end JavaScript frameworks is Node.js and Next.js.

2.4. Performance Optimization

Well, this is another essential segment that must be considered while hiring a JavaScript developer. Any code can experience a slow pace due to multiple reasons; here, a javascript developer must know how to optimize the performance of their code. They must know, every if and but about the language to troubleshoot the error and let the code run effortlessly.

3. Roles of Developers

There are majorly three segments where JavaScript developers are being utilized as:

  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • Full-Stack

3.1. Frontend Developers

This is the client-side interface, where the developer works on transforming information into a graphical interface, making the product user-friendly. This task is carried out with the technology set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, they work with programming languages such as ReactJS, Angular JS, VueJS, MeteorJS, and apply JavaScript libraries like JQuery and LESS. And they carry out UI tests and remove bugs and build RESTful APIs.

3.2. Backend Developers

In this process, there are three main segments: a server, an application, and a database. So, a back-end developer must have the competency to handle, code, test, and operate Node.js., and managing the demands of a database like SQL or MongoDB is also important.

These developers implement user-facing parts with server logic by applying programming languages like Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, PHP, .Net. And apply 2EE, Nginx, Apache, IIS – solutions for static content management, along with Git, Subversion (SVN), and Concurrent Versions System (CVS) – version operation software systems.

3.3. Full Stack Developers

These JS developers are multi-skilled and can be picked for developing prototypes. However, while selecting, you need to be sure of their skills. With a Full Stack JavaScript Developer, you attain a final product that is a perfect solution for your business needs.

They further have an in-depth understanding of the latest front-end technologies and a specialization in working simultaneously with the back-end and front-end to fulfill your project’s requirements.

In the end, while hiring a JavaScript developer for your project, you must ensure that the hired resource has the required expertise to tackle the technical challenges and can work efficiently with JavaScript development, depending upon the project’s complexity, features, security, budget constraints, and timeline among many other factors.

4. Do’s of Hiring

Do’s of Hiring

5. The Cost of Hiring

The Cost of Hiring

The cost to hire a JavaScript developer has always been a concern. Businesses are willing to extract the accurate figure of cost much before development. However, it is hard to take out the exact numerica figure beforehand; a lot goes into deciding upon the cost of hiring.

The type of technology, data server, complexity, features, and much more has to be assessed and validated before marking a cost bracket for a project. Also, the rates can vary according to the region of developers, such as:

At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, the cost to get JavaScript Development Services is far affordable with as little as $20 an hour; however, with the rise in experience, it may reach up to $25 with 6+ years of experience.

The final cost depends totally on the project’s complexity, so if you want to get the ballpark figure for your project, you must reach out to our team of experts.

6. Hire Our Experts

Hire Our Experts

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is not a company but a benchmark of trending technologies. Our team of experienced developers has successfully delivered 200+ projects to a wide diversity of industry domains.

We ensure to bring you a sheer understanding of project development, so no note is missed in the development phase. We have an experienced team to hire, offering high-performance with ensured quality at all development stages. Our team of experienced JavaScript developers has a knack for trending JS tech stack, enabling us to deliver remarkably exceeding client expectations.

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is a known name for outsourcing Full-Stack JavaScript resources to many brands across the globe. We are highly skilled in handling the requirement of developing awe-inspiring front-end and back-end to give a successful dose to your business.

7. Final Thoughts

An efficient JavaScript development company holds the potential to bring the best essence out of your concept, and IO fits the bill. We have the required expertise and technical knowledge to boost your project success rate to another level.

Give us a call to hire javascript developers from us to mark a difference in your business today!

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Hiring full-stack developers is an excellent choice to proceed with since the required expertise for front-end and back-end is not a roadblock for them. And they bring captivating UI with reliant back-end technology in a cost-efficient manner.

App/web development is an iterative process, ensuring plenty of opportunities for you and the development team to talk, stay in touch, and exchange feedback. We would assign a dedicated project manager to your project who would provide you every bit of information through your preferred medium of communication to let you see the progress in real-time.

We need your full involvement as no wireframes, prototypes, or features get locked without your input. Your project should accentuate your vision. Hence your involvement is a necessity during project management.

We engage more dedicated resources to fasten the development cycle and beat the odds of the timeline to deliver you an efficient project on time.

Yes, you can take a look at our past clients and work to glean insights into our technical expertise and wide arena of services for different industry verticals.

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