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A Complete Guide to Hire A Frontend Developer in 2023

A beautiful user interface that visually appeals to the software is a choice to vouch for every business owner.

With a clean and clear UI, the end-users receive the right set of information about the product and trigger their interests as well. This seamless UI aims to ensure that the users understand the products and stay engaged. To achieve a well-designed and immersive user interface, hiring a front-end developer and development service is not a choice but a mandatory aspect.

In this blog, we will bring your attention to the fact that it involves the nitty-gritty involved in hiring a skilled front-end developer for your project.

First and foremost you must know which types of web developers are there:

  • Frontend developers

  • Backend developers

Now, let’s take a look at different factors that are needed to be considered while hiring the right resource for your front-end development.

1. What is Frontend?

When you visit a website, what is the first thing that captures your attention?

That is how a website looks and gives an impression to you…right?

This is the user interface for your website, which brings aesthetic value to your products and services and encourages your users to build trust in your offerings. On the other hand, it helps highlight the brand voice of your business and build an image of how your website would be accepted by a niche audience base.

2. Responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, the role of a UI developer is to build a mesmerizing interface. Still, apart from that, there are many other technical capabilities as well that need to be addressed, such as:

3. Skillset

There is not just one but multiple sets of languages being used, such as HTML and CSS, but their technical competency is not limited to these two only. Being proficient with JavaScript is another technical skill they must know. Their skills are combined with other skill-sets as well, like:

  • Building responsive design
  • Preprocessors for CSS like SCSS and Sass
  • For larger applications’ module frameworks streamlining architecture such as Angular, React, Vue or others
  • AJAX
  • Backbone.js or jQuery
  • CSS frameworks- Foundation or Bootstrap
    Tools for browser development
  • IDE testing/debugging
  • Module bundlers that help to simplify the developer’s workflow like Webpack. Gulp, Grunt, and Browserify were used previously, but after the emergence of Webpack, all of them started to lose their popularity steadily
  • Version control systems such as Git

Indeed the role captured by the front-end developer is vast and is a beautiful fusion of functionality, UI/UX, graphic design, and technical coding skills in abundance. A front-end developer uses a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and helps the users to see and interact with the end product seamlessly.

A front-end developer job also includes optimizing fonts, sliders, drop-down menus, buttons, and content, to make the loading time fast and interactive.

Also, with the assistance of a front-end developer, the testing part of the front-end functionality, UI, and UX of an app or a website can be checked, as they are well-versed in running the manual and automated testing, which further helps in improving the client-side functionality and fixing any bugs.

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4. What to Consider?

Now, when you have decided to hire dedicated frontend programmers for your project, the next step is to get prepared beforehand. Below we have mentioned a few vital points that must be taken into consideration before you hire a frontend developer.

4.1. Chalk Down Clear Requirements

One of the biggest challenges is to set the tone for every product, so there can be no miscommunication between a customer and business owner.

You need to understand what USPs you want to showcase in your project line and how you want them to be expressed on your website. You need to clearly understand your requirements and how you expect your front-end developer to build them around your website.

4.2. NDA Should Be There

It is very likely to open a gate to unpredicted risks to your project while working with the development team; subsequently, it is advisable to protect your idea and add needed rules to regulate the working relationships with your development team.

You can place an NDA document before hiring frontend developers India to save every bit of your project details from getting exposed to unwanted exposure out there.

4.3. Milestone Bifurcation

No project gets built in one night, but there are different development journeys. With the inclusion of the Agile app development approach, it is always recommended to separate the entire project into small sprints, so the deliverables can be measured within doable deadlines.

Here, you would get another benefit of tracking the project progress and avoiding any sort of possible setbacks.

4.4. Past Work Marks A Difference

When you decide to hire dedicated front-end web developers in India for your project, checking and assessing the past work brings you the real picture of their technical competency.

You must get involved in checking what they have been doing and how far they have satisfied their client base with the right approach to match your requirements.

4.5. Checking Unbiased Reviews

Client testimonials on the website do not always give you the accurate approach of your to-be-hired development team.

You can get the real-time condition of the past client experience with the reviews posted on the listing websites such as GoodFirms, Clutch, AppFutura, among many others.

Here you can assess the value built by their work on the past clients and judge whether you should proceed ahead to hire a frontend developer.

5. Hourly Rates

No doubt, the cost is always on the business owner’s mind when they decide to proceed with the front-end development. It can be troubling that least charging frontend development services.

Usually turn out to be a bugbear for your project, as they lack the technical competency to handle your project efficiently. Henceforth, you must invest your time figuring out your requirements and how a particular app development company can fulfill them. At the same time, you must remember that cost should not be the deciding factor to hire an affront-end developer; rather, you must hire a team of efficient front-end developers due to their technical skills and competency to handle your project.

The Average Front-End Developer Hourly Rate:

Now, the cost factor has to be considered, as the front-end developer rates vary by country and hiring options, such as time & material, full-time, and project basis.

6. Why India?

Out of the options mentioned above, India is one of the most affordable choices to hire a team of front end developers because there are not just one but multiple reasons to hire Indian developers, such as:

6.1. Flexible with Time Zone

Indian developers are easy to work with because they don’t get bewildered by time zones, and they can work in any time zone. Their teams work along with the client’s time zone and deliver on time without any hassle involved.

6.2. No Hassle of Communication

With the developers hailing from India, the communication cycle is convenient as they are comforted in the English language. It allows any client from an international location to communicate with the developers and have a seamless development journey.

6.3. Multiple Communication Mediums

The ongoing demand for mobile and web development has made India a hub of software building, wherein the developers tend to communicate with different options. They are available on video, voice, chat, and collaboration tools to build a seamless journey at the client’s convenience.

7. Why Pick HFDI?

At HireFullStackDeveloperIndia, we ensure to maximize the user experience via responsive, user-friendly, and interactive Front-end design solutions developed for different industries; since our inception, our dedicated front-end developers have assisted different types and sizes of businesses by developing user-friendly and engaging web apps.

  • HTML5/HTML DEVELOPMENT– By hiring our front-end developers, you get an experienced team who is well-equipped with HTML5/HTML Development.
  • VUE JS WEB-APPS DEVELOPMENT– We have expertise in building unique & feature-rich Vue.js web apps, which can cater to the different needs of vast industry verticals.
  • ANGULARJS DEVELOPMENT– Our team of programmers is well-versed in building incredible, user-friendly & interactive Web apps with the help of AngularJS.
  • REACT.JS DEVELOPMENT– Our team has the expertise to build the scalable web-app solution with React js integration, which helps your app product run across multiple platforms and devices hassle-free.
  • BOOTSTRAP DEVELOPMENT– We let you access the front-end programmers, who have a comprehensive range of front-end CSS development services, which can further enhance your business productivity.
  • EXTENDED TEAM SUPPORT SYSTEM– Our front-end developer team has gained immense experience and technical exposure to handle different projects.

8. How Can We Help?

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is a leading brand in the app development process, and we have the top positions in different international ratings.

On the work front, our team of app developers utilizes the latest technologies to mark a difference in the development field. At the same time, we practice the time-tested development patterns to eradicate mistakes that could consume time, money, and effort.

We ensure to train our top frontend developers for hire with the latest technology trends to help them improve their skills, and they attend a series of technical training and meetups to stay updated. We follow the Agile approach to manage projects, enabling us to deliver projects faster, get feedback from clients on each product iteration, and meet their requirements. Above all, our hiring cost for the Hire Front-end developer is highly competitive and reasonable at the cost of $20/hr.

If you’re interested in building your website or web app, don’t forget to get in touch with our team and bring a sizzling product into the limelight.

Give HireFullStackDeveloperIndia – a front-end development company a call to get a no-obligation quote for your project and make a difference to your project today.

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  • Hourly
    $ 20
    It Includes:
    Hourly Basis
    Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
    Project Trackers
    Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmi
  • Monthly
    It Includes:
    160 Hours
    Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
    Project Trackers
    Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmi
  • Team
    It Includes:
    Team Members
    1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)
    Phone, Skype, Slack, Chat, Email
    Project Trackers
    Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmi
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