How to Land The Best Mean Stack Development Company for Business Projects

Updated on July 22, 2022

Modern business requirements need dynamic and powerful programming toolchains that maintain synergy between the front-end, backend, and API-driven coupling. Instead of relying on diverse tools, developers sought to meet their programming requirements through a composite stack as a development cycle- the MEAN stack. 

MEAN stands for:

·  MongoDB: MongoDB will give your business a document-oriented database program that can scale up with flexible components. 

·  ExpressJS: ExpressJS promises a documentation-rich, flexible, and scalable ExpressJS web app development framework that enables the creation of dynamic server-side and client-side apps with real-time features. 

·  AngularJS: AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that caters to some of the most complex and diverse web services and applications active today.

·  Node.js: The application requires scalable web servers which can build flexible applications that work on diverse platforms and round off the MEAN stack’s modular OOP development capabilities.

The MEAN stack offers numerous development and business benefits, whereas the traditional web development approach only increases the overall development cost; plus, added expenses in scouting and recruiting specialists in different programming sectors are a challenge. 

The MEAN stack development involves JavaScript for both frontend and backend development which directly reduces development cost and time. MEAN stack developers use JavaScript throughout the development because it is comparatively easier to develop the dynamic UIs for apps and websites, build and manage scalable databases, and runtime environments for even the most complex of web software, with this programming stack. 

Due to the same reason, a MEAN stack development company is on the rise and preferred by start-ups and even by the big players. If you are still wondering why businesses are competing to hire the best MEAN stack development company then read on for a detailed explanation.

1. Reasons to Choose The Best MEAN Stack Development Company

The MEAN stack combines an uncompromising data visualization side (front end) and couples it with an equally performant, document-based DBMS system. Plus, the MEAN stack’s foundation in Angular, Express, and Node JavaScript allows a software deployer to create virtually any type of application with scalable server-side and client-side data exchange processes. 

By combining these superlative web development technologies, the best MEAN stack development company offer services like:

·  MEAN stack web and mobile app development

·  MEAN stack website development

·  MEAN stack CMS service development

·  ExpressJS design and development

·  AngularJS design and development

·  MEAN stack porting

As one of the best mean stack development companies, at HireFullStackDeveloperIndia we are capable of providing key consultancy w.r.t. the best practices in MEAN stack technology.  We can help you develop SPAs to enterprise-grade web applications that focus on core business functions that drive your business KPIs.   

2. Why is there a competition to Hire MEAN Stack Developers and how can you get ahead?

The 3-tier MEAN stack technology is leveraged by numerous businesses across domains, to power applications like Fiverr. It is even used by MNCs like Accenture for their enterprise applications. Also, given that the newly introduced Flutter framework is a Google-backed technology, everyone from startups to large-scale businesses wishes to take advantage of it. 

If you want to hire a top MEAN stack development company, then simply

· Start ASAP with your SRS shortlisting and DFDs

· Set aside a budget for development and maintenance

· Conduct scouting and interviews at prompt notice

· Find a service provider with a decorated portfolio and a high approval rate

· Ensure ownership of source code

· Strict NDA agreements 

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3. Why Hire Our Experts?

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia understands the customer’s business and requirements very well and takes the time to study and analyse them in detail to develop a brilliant layout as a solution for you. If you want to make your business achieve new heights by integrating mean stack development then you can Contact US and let us drive you on the pathway to success.

· Our sizeable team gives us a winning advantage in diverse technological disciplines

· A team of certified junior developers, mid-level developers, and senior developers 

· Impressive track record with a large number of successful projects for clients around the globe 

· We use a very Agile methodology for CI/CD of new components  

· Deft use of Cloud technology, API-driven architecture, webhooks, microservices, Kubernetes, and deployment tools

· Hire MEAN stack developers with strong communication and no-language barrier 

· Round-the-clock availability for communication and reliable reporting system

· Flexible engagement models for your budget and productivity requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire Mobile app developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

Angular’s component-based architecture goes hand-in-hand with the modular programming and web application abstraction initiative that Java popularized with OOP.

Flutter was made as a framework that could ‘build’ apps for any screen. By using Flutter in tandem, we can leverage all the technologies of the MEAN stack for omnipresent and responsive compatibility with any device.

Yes, the MEAN stack is an excellent choice and our MEAN stack development professionals can turn any custom idea into a readily deployable business SPA.

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia has multiple teams dedicated to clients with different technological requirements, SRS requirements, productivity, and engagement model requirements. When you approach us with a requirement, we assign a dedicated team of experts with compatible technological expertise, who will solely work on your project.

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia has dedicated senior engineers/project managers who supervise the resources who are assigned to your project. They act as the POC and conduct routine reports and feedback.

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