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Facts to Learn Before You Hire MEAN Stack Developers in the USA in 2023

Facts to Learn Before You Hire MEAN Stack Developers in the USA in 2023

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications. MEAN is an abbreviation of four key technologies that combine to form a powerful stack.

1. What is MEAN Stack?

1.1. (M)MongoDB:

(M)MongoDB – for document-type files and data

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database platform that is good for handling data related to user profiles, content, comments, uploads, events, etc. It also communicates excellently with Angular, Express, and Node.

MongoDB is excellent at handling client-side JSON documents passed by the Angular front-end, processed by ExpressJS, and stored by MongoDB. The source-available DBMS is also cloud-friendly and scalable.

1.2. (E)Express(.js):

(E)Express(.js) – A back-end framework based in NodeJS

ExpressJS is known for its minimalist code precision and lightning-fast back-end performance. Its utilitarian URL routing models, HTTP requests, and response-gel are extremely well with handling capabilities.

Xpress allows XML HTTP requests (XHRs), GETs, or POSTs functions from the Angular.js front end; you can connect to Express.js functions that power your application. MongoDB’s Node.js drivers use callbacks or Promises, to access and update the data in the database storage.

1.3. (A)Angular(.js):

(A)Angular(.js) – A front-end framework for client-side JavaScripting

AngularJS is known as the ‘ModelView-Whatever’ framework. It helps extend HTML tags with metadata to create dynamic and interactive web experiences. Angular’s form validation, localization, and communication modules help you build application prototypes with basic features in no time.

1.4. (N)Node(.js) :

(N)Node(.js) – JavaScript app server deployment

NodeJS is Chrome V8 JavaScript engine-based runtime environment that facilitates event-driven, asynchronous I/O, and cross-platform execution. You can rely on it to build highly feature-rich, server-side apps such as command-line applications, web applications, real-time chat applications, REST API servers, etc., with JS.

2. Why Are Businesses Competing to Hire MEAN Stack Developers in 2022?

The MEAN stack brings heaps of advantages to the table such as cloud-native app development and deployment. It also enables cross-platform development that adheres to the ‘write once, deploy everywhere’ approach. It can be used to develop PWAs, as well as dynamic SPAs too.

Some of its definite perks for web development include-

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2.1. Versatile:

Easy switching between client and server-side programming comes in handy for SPAs, low-budget web applications belonging to startups, etc.

2.2. JavaScript-friendly:

The MEAN Stack primarily revolves around JavaScript. Hence, there is massive community support behind it. The learning curve is easy, and integrating new technologies does not have to be laborious and fraught with errors.

2.3. Flexible

The MEAN Stack has been envisioned with Agile development in mind. Therefore, the MEAN Stack exists as the best-case alternative for businesses that want to release after fixed lengths of time. It paves the way for stable releases and value-added development with well-documented incremental updates.

2.4. Rapid Deployments

MEAN Stack is web-oriented enough to let you deploy apps of any size within a short period. You can connect it with any kind of third-party premium deployment service such as AWS, IBM, or Google Cloud. This fits extremely well with modern enterprise SaaS-based DevOps.

2.5. JSON & SEO-friendliness

The MEAN Stack was assembled for JavaScript-based web operations. Hence, handling JSON documents or using them for SEO-enhancing operations is a breeze. The MEAN Stack’s web application support doesn’t end with the development. It further helps pivot your post-deployment marketing and organic traffic growth with SEO-savvy URL routing.

2.6. Return-on-investment:

Cloud-readiness allows the MEAN Stack to be wielded as one of the most dependable SDLC methodologies around. It is cost-efficient and time-efficient. Plus, the ready availability of community support, documentation, plugins, extensions, and libraries also accelerates your productivity.

3. Skills to Check

Check for these must-have requirements when you Hire MEAN Stack Developers:

– Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering depending on certification level or expertise required

– Proficiency in fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

– Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, ExpressJS, and NodeJS

– Proficiency with server-side languages such as Java and JavaScript

– Familiarity with database technology such as MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB

4. Cost to Hire MEAN Stack Experts

The average annual pay for a MEAN Stack Developer in the United States by Q1 2022 (Apr 25, 2022) is $116,269 /yr. That is approximately $55.90 an hour. A junior MEAN Stack developer roughly earns between $50,000-$55,0000/yr.

An advanced-intermediate MEAN Stack dev earns around the median pay scale of $120,000/yr. Expert, top MEAN stack developers in the USA managers earn to the tune of $156,000/yr.

5. Why Hire Experts from Us?

We offer the facility to USA-based clients to hire dedicated MEAN stack developers from our firm. Our developers are well equipped with thorough knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies, creating a single solution as per your custom requirements.

They can become an important asset for any project, and they have the ability to transform into a single unit army that can handle the entire development and implementation process themselves. When you Hire MEAN Stack Developers with parallel expertise in both the front and back end, it’s a marvel to see their work on websites, web apps, and even mobile apps.

They are the jack of all, with their comprehensive knowledge of all four technologies that are included in the MEAN stack namely – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. that’s the prime reason for their popular demand and success.

6. What Top MEAN Stack Developers in the USA do

– Build a site backend in programming languages

– Expertly utilize front-end libraries of MEAN stack

– Perform sysadmin tasks

– Run queries on MongoDB databases

– Develop end-to-end websites and applications

Your needs may differ based on your location in the United States. Let’s have a look at all the benefits that you may avail yourself by choosing the best MEAN stack developers for a job.

6.1. Business Logic

Every business tries to address a customer requirement/problem with its unique ‘business logic’. The business logic is how your application data models shall be utilized upon user requests.

6.2. Data Model

It is common for MEAN stack developers to fix data modeling strategies and are updated on creating a relational model with foreign keys, out-of-the-box look, and feel, etc. Along with this, they also use non-relational concepts for flexible NoSQL data models.

6.3. User Experience

One of our key traits as AngularJS Development Company, is we ensure that our experienced developers take care of easy navigation and look into the number of clicks that can be reduced to the minimum using cutting-edge technologies to ensure minimum clicks for better results. Also, to soften the blow, error messages are added in polite apologizing language by them.

6.4. User Interface

If anything is guaranteed with MEAN stack, it’s that the end product is going to be ultra-smooth when it comes to the front end. With technologies like Angular and Node working it out for you, your every layout will not only be attractive but effective as well. Our best MEAN stack developers use MEAN technologies as a backbone and develop websites and applications around them.

If you are looking forward to hiring MEAN stack developers from the USA, then do not stop short of hiring the absolute best that the market has to offer. Good software is just a requirement brief and a contractual agreement away, with HirefullstackdeveloperIndia.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire MEAN stack developers and engage our MEAN stack development service:

    All our MongoDB specialists are capable of crafting customized document models with scalable and high-availability architecture. They specialize in SQL translation layer design and high-grade JSON data operations.

    Yes, our developers are proficient in developing highly flexible PWAs that perform at optimized conditions on legacy, contemporary, and emerging platforms, with Express.JS

    Yes, we have specialists for developing NodeJS specialists for server-side and client-side applications that can scale performance for handling cross-platform requests.

    Yes, you can hire MEAN stack developers in the USA from HirefullstackdeveloperIndia, to help you with global and route-specific HTTP request processing

    We can provide AngularJS engineers to develop highly expressive, DOM-powered web applications that run responsively and seamlessly on every platform

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