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The Best Website Design Companies in Lebanon Are Following These Trends

Updated on September 26, 2022

Web design styles go in and out of fashion just like everything else in the market. 2022 ushered in and solidified some old and some new UI/UX design styles for the web and mobile software domain. Melding retro web design styles with the new allows the web design companies in Lebanon to attract a wider, more diverse set of user demographics. 

These trends include color styles, graphic design styles, iconography, typography, etc. modeled after the sum-total of the user consensus. Thus, user behavior-centric design is the current imperative among website design services worth your time and money. As such, the following web design styles are taking not just the users in Lebanon, but the entire globe, by storm. 

1. Experimental Type Designs

The best website design companies in Lebanon feel that unorthodox type is a good way to make an impression on your website visitors, in terms of branding. Even the leading brands are adopting typefaces that overhaul their brand imagery

1.1. Motion Type

Kinetic typography is a good way to both accommodate long-form business mission statements or highlight key services while keeping the website visitor engaged as well. Motion type has been grandfathered into recent web design trends by the retro 60s marquees that used to grab eyeballs outside entertainment venues.

1.2. Bold Type

Top web designers in Lebanon use a large-sized font that is capable of not only capturing the entire cross-section of mobile screens and emerging platforms but, it is also capable of leaving a lasting impression on users. Large-sized typefaces are combined with vibrant graphics to create enchanting and memorable chiaroscuro effects.

1.3. Interactive Type:

Interactive type is not only a good way to increase your website traffic and reduce bounce rate, but also ensure steady conversions. Responsive website design companies in Lebanoninteractive type are particularly useful for onboarding your website visitors.  

1.4. Retro Type

Retro typography is predefined by being highly ornamental as well as easy-on-the-eyes through its deft use of flourishing cursives, bold typeface, and type color. Retro type is very much in demand for flashy website imagery that etches the brand name in the visitor’s mind.

1.5. Text-only or Ultra Minimalism

Ultra Minimalist through text is limited in demand than its predecessors on the list. However, when passing through vital information, nothing quite cuts through like an austere font type and the lack of gaudy imagery. Text-only websites are best coupled with muted color schemes.

2. Avant-garde navigation styles

Avant-garde navigation styles are expressed through brutalist/minimalist UIs with clearly-defined layouts and broken grids that defy design conventions to create odd symmetries throughout the website.     

Web textures are often used in combination with CMS-styled websites to deliver content playfully. A lot of web design & development agencies in Beirut, Lebanon use overlapping text and imagery can also be interspersed with these to help your web content stand out from that of your competitors. 

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2.1. Black & White Color Scheme

Black and white color schemes and monochromatic gradients are also in hype these days. Intuitive text and minimal image layering create a different style. Pastel color palettes and hand-drawn graphics are also often used in tandem for a brutalist visual impact. 

Black and white color schemes require precise brand copy deliverance for a bold impact on visitors. Monochromatic color schemes are often used in conjunction with ultra-minimalist/text-only website design plans.

2.2. Hand-drawn graphics

Hand-drawn graphics add a DIY, playful touch to web graphics. Expert website design company hand-drawn graphics can be coupled with unconventional navigational methods, as long as the user is guided towards conversion without any ambiguity. It also gives your website a design feature that sees users spend longer fractions of time per visit. 

2.3. 3D Design Elements

A lot of web designers use typographic hero image sections with such dynamic 3D designs as a means to grab the user’s attention from the get-go. 3D design elements are in a manner the antithesis of minimalist web design. 

3D design elements coupled with Memphis design styles or hand-drawn graphics are also trending. Image overlays over moving types that play with optical illusion can pave the way for in-depth aesthetic appeal. 

A deep-researched web design plan goes a long way to leave a lasting impression and boost your website traffic. If you wish for an immediate impact when you showcase the business services that your brand has to offer to your users, then contact HireFullStackDeveloperIndia for web designs in Lebanon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire Mobile app developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

Retro design aesthetics have always enjoyed some niche following in various forms of advertising and marketing media. In a market where brands are trying to reach out to new customer demographics beyond conventional age barriers. This helps with cross-channel marketing in digital marketing terms.

Retro design paves the way for nostalgic and playful website design. It speaks to both young Internet users as well as the older users who were contemporary to these design styles when the latter surfaced. The retro design also has various sub-categories like digital type neo-brutalism, cursive font, and serif font selections that are compatible with vibrant color palettes.

Engaging animations and interactive design elements quite easily grab the attention span of users. They cut across age barriers, much like retro design, and add a touch of playfulness. This is critical for boosting website design KPIs that cater to your website's SERP ranking- Long as the design serves a purpose to customer/user onboarding and their navigational ease towards conversion.

Not really. Website designers still wish to deliver precise, short, and impactful messages without ambiguity with copy design. Dynamic typography grabs attention for its ‘flashiness’. However, it is important to not miss the mark or deter users with overly-gaudy text imagery. Hence, as a foil to retro marquee text design, the dynamic text is used for a more visually captive creative theme.

Negative space is necessary to ensure that users are not overwhelmed with information when they are visiting your website. The idea is to create as much impact as possible with a strong and precise message with a combination of imagery and text. This helps deliver the USP and CTA without creating any navigational ambiguity.

Horizontal scrolling is an avant-garde, up-and-coming design trend that helps showcase large inventories of products and services on a single page. The scrolling experience encapsulates the brand’s entire offering in an intuitive, booklet-like fashion. We recommend this style especially for eCommerce brands.

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