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Why Do Startups Need AI-Powered Mobile App Development Company in NZ?

Updated on August 4, 2022

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand weathered the pandemic thanks to a mobile market that reports high consumer dependency and demand for AI-powered solutions. Hence, start-ups with product and service ideas that resonate with consumer behavior, are on the lookout for the best mobile app development company in New Zealand. 

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you are still wondering what’s the reason behind the AI hype, then the following points should illuminate you. 

1. Customer Experience Improvement

AI-based customer experience personalization has led to 14x better conversion in multiple service domains. Plus, a personalized service leads to the insurance of a retentive customer. By AI-augmenting your mobile service, you can spend 7x times less on acquiring a new customer. 

AI-based customer experience personalization has also helped New Zealand businesses cut down on human customer-care resource training, infrastructure, and implementation costs. These are cost-saving benefits that your business can leverage by hiring a top-notch mobile app development company in New Zealand.  

2. Improved Business Intelligence

AI-based data wrangling can be a great way to scrum business intelligence reports. There are several aspects of user behavior that escape the human eye during mobile app usage analysis. But, by integrating these IT processes with AI-bots that are based on advanced ML algorithms, you can discover new insights into user data. 

Thus, even New Zealand’s startup can scale its mobile app business in leaps and bounds when it can derive helpful business intelligence and leverage AI-precision data to optimize business as per market trends. Imagine SEO keyword research being only an elementary addition to your SERP analytics. With assistance from top New Zealand app development companies, you can race past competitors to online rankings in app stores, in no time.

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3. Data-driven Marketing Strategies

If your business targets niche markets, then you will need to combine the power of the aforementioned BI analytics, statistical analysis and visual representation, real-time market and user data inputs, and predict outcomes of campaigns. Setting up such a complex data wrangling pipeline for marketing purposes can prove money and time-consuming; it also requires high-level programming and toolchain operation skills. 

Instead of relying on manual marketing analysis and inferences, your start-up mobile app can tailor customer support, personalized services, and analyze user behaviour with machine precision. Hire mobile app developers who can set-up your mobile app with AI tools to scrounge data for ad campaign insights, sponsored pay-per-click campaign success data, and even email/social media marketing campaign engagement. 

4. Augmented Cybersecurity Integrity

87% of global organizations are rooting for AI technology integration; that means 9 out of 10 organizations across the globe are ready to provision AI-integrated web and mobile computing. At present, enterprises across New Zealand and other parts of the globe are using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning-based. NLP and deep learning helps augment not just mobile app features that directly engage the customers; it also enhances software security.

Global FinTech and ePharma mobile services which require HIPAA and other sorts of data protection compliance governance, are using AI-processing to ramp up app security. This also comes in handy for any New Zealand-based startup that wishes to protect its data with scalable multi-level encryption and authentication protocol APIs. It helps reduce social engineering and in-app fraud that might target your users and brand.

5. Seamless RPA

Robotic Process Automation is another postulate of AI/ML technology that is gracing enterprise mobile and web services. Robotic processes are helping businesses streamline repetitive workflows that were otherwise manually conducted. The trade-off has proven beneficial for businesses that have hired the best mobile app development companies in New Zealand.

RPA-accuracy has improved workflow completion by 35-50%, upgraded business security, maintained data accuracy, and optimized customer service experience. Thus, your mobile app product can help evolve your enterprise legacy systems, reduce operational costs for your startup products, and improve ROI with cutting-edge AI-driven customer servicing.

Artificial Intelligence is well and truly a part of modern software development, and it is revolutionizing mobility solutions for every domain- customer services, web API-architechture scalability, eCommerce service personalization, and so much more. The present global market size for AI solutions is estimated at $136.6 billion and at a CAGR of 38.1% between 2022 and 2030. 

Hiring mobile app development companies in New Zealand to launch groundbreaking mobile services can prove difficult given the cost of premium, AI-integrated mobile app development in the country. Lack of enterprise-scale funding shortens the budget for most of New Zealand’s startups. So, why not outsource your requirement to HireFullStackDeveloperIndia? 

6. Hire Our Experts for AI-integrated solutions

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is a top outsourcing hub for dedicated remote engineering solutions for web and mobile applications. They are certified in the AI operations toolchains for explainability, security, deployment and monitoring. They can leverage top ML-as-a-Service products from Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, etc. 

If you are an entrepreneur, CTO, or represent a startup and are in search of a top mobile app development company in New Zealand, then you can cut your development budget manifolds by hiring an offshore AI automation partner like HireFullStackDeveloperIndia. We are expertised in a number of modelling and computation frameworks that can help you set new benchmarks and outshine competitors with your AI/ML-powered mobile apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify any doubts before you hire Mobile app developers and engage our Mobile App development service:

Indeed. Mobile authentication and app security can be made more robust using AI augmentation. Cybercrime statistics across the globe are shooting through the roof. Hackers and fraudsters are even subscribing to social engineering attacks. AI-based security can even account for the user’s lack of tech-savviness for improved, personalized cybersecurity.

Indeed. AI integration can personalize and predict customer support flows. It can even add sophisticated auto-reply features that boost communication with (NLP) Natural Language Processing-aided ML. Offering auto-response features can help improve customer satisfaction, obtain success data, and enhance the conversation.

Facial recognition is an emerging trend among mobile app users facing insurmountable digital fraudulence. AI-based facial algorithms can prevent physical thievery of mobile devices and theft of the data found on those apps. AI-based facial recognition is usually a native feature and requires the usage of the camera hardware and existing security systems on the device and platform.

Boosting customer engagement is not a sporadic service; it needs to actively assist your users in furthering interactions- like wish-listing, browsing, recommendations, smart-ranking products for exposure and clearance, and boosting conversion for personalized user offers.

Indeed. NLP-enhanced Machine Learning can help your AI-integrated services study user sessions for personalized service. It can help create smart shortcuts to features, gather the information that interests the user, creates and maneuvers smart notification systems,

If your mobile app relies on GPS features then you can strengthen them with AI-enhanced landmark detection, focus on recognition enhancement, wrangle richer real-time data for live maps faster, and even protect user itinerary and identity.

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